The midst of Summer- ah, I love you- especially this year in Vermont, a perfect season for going a bit more slowly, looking around, thinking, reading- and enjoying a lot of sun.
I just did a fun podcast this morning which I hope you will listen to:

One of the things I love most about coaching is seeing clients have that aha where they realize THEY have the answers that they are looking for already! They just needed to tap into them. We can get caught in a spiral of looking for one last piece of information, waiting for the perfect time, or thinking that what we want to do or what we bring to the table just isn’t quite there yet.

I IS!!

Trusting and believing in yourself, knowing your worth, knowing that if you want to do something bigger, better or different with your life, you can- one step at a time. You CAN. Others can, so you can, too.

You already KNOW this! My podcast today is full of things you already know, so if you want to feel even smarter, listen to it, take down some notes and become stronger.

The whole point is taking your life, any and all areas, to place you want them to go. The point is enjoying life. Your life and you have to take responsibility for that- no one else can.

Enjoy the process.