This blog post is almost a no brainer at this time, but here it goes anyway!

First the obvious- we are living in mentally and emotionally difficult time.

Do you notice that some people are truly devastated over recent events while others are not? What is the difference? I don’t have all of the answers, only have my own observations coupled with my past experiences.

It all brings to mind something I was taught back in my 20’s and that I still think about and live by everyday.

You have to put more good and positive in your mind, more that you think, to counter act the negative that comes at us each day. Negative comes unasked for, unlooked for. You don’t have to sit yourself in front of it for it to affect you.

But think about this- how many people DO sit themselves in front of it? How about you? What are your habits? What negative are you allowing into your mind, just opening the door wide and letting it in?

You have to ask yourself- well, you don’t have to unless you want to live a happy life- what good is it doing? How is it adding to your well being?

No one else is going to look after your well being better than you, nor can anyone make the choices for you. And with all that we now know about the effects of anxiety and worry on our physical and long term mental health.

What we allow into our minds through what we watch, listen to, activities we engage in, conversations, what we read.

Some of the things happening, aw heck a lot of it, is pretty enticing in its outrageousness. It is easy to get drawn in. Start to think about the quality of your life. This is a habit that you can break, stopping some of those activities that bring you down. (scrolling social media, engaging in negative conversations on and off line, watching news and other upsetting tv, etc)

The other have of the optimal mind recipe is putting good things in- so seeking out, on purpose and engaging in positive interactions, shows, books, articles, music, humor, podcasts, nature, meditation, praying, and anything else that makes you feel good.

Between cutting back and cutting out what negative you can, and intentionally subjecting yourself to healthy mind and body activities, you can get yourself into a place where life can seem light and happy. And from that place of feeling good, now you are in a place to make a difference to others and the world.

Here’s a coaching challenge for you for between now and the end of the year, should you choose to take it-

Decide on one thing to cut back or even better cut out- just commit to it for this period of time and you can revisit it in January. Just one thing.

Secondly, decide on one daily action that you will take on our amplify- daily. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, but consistency is the idea.

You take these two things- give up and take on- and commit without question for this time period- no second guessing or deciding it’s not working.

Remember, you will reflect in January on what you have learned and noticed.

And remember to have fun!