This is how I have felt this week with all that has happened:

I want everyone to know how good they are and that the world needs all of us. There is no one who is here by mistake. And there is much more going on to our existence than any of us will probably ever know. We might never know why we are here, but we do have, most of us, the choice to enjoy it. And if we are having trouble figuring out how to enjoy it, there is help. This post is not meant for those in despair- please get help, we need you.

This is for all of us who could be at any moment on the route to despair.

I do not mean this post to be a generalization- there is no one size fits all, I write this for all to whom this might be helpful to in some way.   I am thinking of those who are just living a day to day just get by existence- totally missing out on the beauty of our world. One thing we know is that contrast is necessary- and the negative makes the positive possible. I heard this today- you can turn the page anytime.  In our house we have always loved the phrase “turn over a new leaf”.  We have so much more power than we think.

This week I have seen a movie, a concert, read books and articles and listened to podcast and one theme kept coming up in all sorts of different ways- we have so much more power than we think we do, and all we need to do is to tap into it.

Does living an uplifted life take effort and work?  Yes, absolutely, it takes a lot!!  But look at the alternative. I don’t just think it’s worth the effort, I know it is.

I will tell someone- read this book.  I mention- listen to this podcast, or watch this super funny tv show.  People will tell me- oh I don’t read, or I like to listen to such and such in the car. I hear- I don’t do this, I don’t do that. And it’s all fine, as long as it’s uplifting you and adding to the value and joy of your life.

But many times the same people who reject ideas I share are the same people who are complaining about life and are not finding it full of joy. (these are not my clients, by the way,  when someone is really ready for coaching and ready to be coached, they are not in the business of rejecting every idea and action that could help them.)

You have freedom of choice- so where are your choices leading you?  Keep on choosing and keep creating- make no changes and you can remain safe in knowing what you will continue to create. It’s so hard to make new choices. Especially for the first while- your brain will try to get you to stay with the status quo- safe. It takes courage to turn the page, start over, change things. And it takes courage when you get off track to just start again.

When clients come to me I can tell you every single time- they ALREADY have the right answers for themselves. You do, too. You KNOW what the answers are. So what is stopping you? How many more reminders from the big wide world to you need in order to decide to live your life- yes, really LIVE it?

That’s probably one of the reasons I love coaching so much, I get to support and believe and help people to tap into all of what is great about them.  People forget. Or have never even realized.

I hope that you will make a list of all of the things that are good about you.  I hope that you will pick something to do to take care of your personal joy this week. I hope you will stick with it when you want to change your mind. Those are my hopes- what are your hopes?

Live. Ask for help. Help yourself. Whatever you need. You have purpose and you are loved. You are amazing and special. You are like no one else. You are part of our tapestry and we need you to complete our beauty. Give us your all. We need you.