For human beings, changing is growing. We are made to grow and evolve and change.

It is a choice for the most part, but even biologically we are changing every second. Look, you were a baby once and now look at you!

Would you like to feel more joyful, expansive, and happy in your life?  Yes? Then start looking at ways you can evolve in your life.

Do you choose to stagnant, settle for less than life might offer you, play it safe just in case, risk becoming sad? Then stay just the way you are and never change.

Have you ever been told that if you used to like something and now you don’t prefer it that you weren’t formerly being honest? Does this even make sense?

We grow out of things. That is the way it is supposed to be. Once exposed to new things, ideas, possibilities, opportunities not previously known, we have more options. Before I went to college and took a marketing class, I hadn’t even heard of marketing, let alone knew that it was an interest. Before I visited Marco Island for the first time, I didn’t know it was my favorite place to be. Before I read Cheryl Richardson’t book “Take Time for Your Life” where she described being a coach and talked about coaching I had never heard of such a thing outside of athletic coaches.

I could go on…and you can, too. Think of your lifetime of changes and then think about how you were at 18 and what life would look like now had you never changed your thinking, knowledge, beliefs, friends, homes… you name it.

When you experience change on a regular basis you build resilience in your life which will help you to weather the storms that are an inevitable part of life. I like to try new things on a regular basis to put myself into discomfort- on purpose! This, as we say in the reinvention world, puts life into my life!

You are meant to change.

Your beliefs and ideas while they may stay in some ways core to you, they should also expand and evolve as you learn more in your life. Where might you start thinking in some new ways that might support you in living a happier life?

Your actions and things you are involved in. Do you enjoy them or are you just doing them because you always have? Have you even done a check in to see if the things you are spending your time on are filling you up with goodness? Being on automatic, or being in a rut are not life giving. They do not build joy or happiness.

Some people tell me they don’t want to change because they are afraid– afraid to lose who they are or that it might not be good.These are unfounded fears- our brain does not like change, so this is a natural response, one we must be aware of to combat. If my brain throws up fear I address it directly and keep moving forward. I ask it a few questions like is there real danger?

Impermanence is part of our human existence. We are only here for now. Nothing lasts forever. When we try to keep things from changing, or people from changing we are using our vital energy up and miss the beauty of what is happening right now and what else might be possible.

No matter where you are in life, no matter who you are I know there is more to experience in life than you have right now- it never ends as long as you are here.

Do some journaling this week and look at the definitions of these words- write out what they mean to you.









Enjoy some exploration this week- who knows, you might decide to stop missing out on a whole life and make some changes.

PS If you are thinking of reinventing a part of your life, or your life as a whole, a great coach is a huge asset to have along with you! Just a little plug for coaching!!