If you’ve been hanging around with me for a while you know that I am a huge fan of a fresh start! I believe you can have one at any time.

This time of year- the first of September, start of the school year (we all still know that feeling!), the end of one season with the definite overtones of Fall on the way soon. All of it stirs me up with the desire to learn, revamp, create and really live life in a full way.

My big question for you is, how can you transmute the spirit of this time of year into some positives for yourself?

There are so many ways to reinvent things in your life. I madeĀ a list to get you started:

Morning routine

Evening routine

Workout routine

Your learning

Social calendar

Family meals

Your wardrobe

Organizing your day

Relaxation habits

Self care routines

Travel plans

Your weekends

Planning and goal setting practices

A relationship

Making a move

Financial reinvention

Working in a new space

There is so much more- what area of your life would you like to reinvent? Start with one thing, one area- when you shift and change one thing, it will affect all areas of your life.

This week:

  1. Decide on an area of reinvention.

2. Write down how it is now.

3. Write down how you want it to change or be updated.

4. Write down the fears you have about making the changes you’re thinking about and as reinvention guru Nadya Zhexembayeva instructs use a tool called Fears to Action where you then write down all of the things that would happen if your fears actually came true. This will help to neutralize your emotions and gain perspective.

5.Write a simple plan about how you will make the changes and don’t forget to have someone trusted to hold you accountable. Then begin executing your plan right away! (Hint: don’t wait until next week!)

What do you think? Are you ready to use this time of year’s energy to make it a fresh start for yourself?