What am I referring to?  Self-discipline! Don’t stop reading!

Self-discipline is something you do in your favor- as Ed Latimore says “Self-discipline and self-control determine the quality of your life, ore than anything else.” Put that way, it sounds worthwhile to explore how you can cultivate more of it in your life.

It is essential to living the best life you can live.

Self discipline bridges the gap between setting goals and achieving them.

Consider these reminders, as I know that you KNOW these things. How do you stay disciplined in pursuit of what is important?

-First, make sure you are focused on the right things. The most meaningful, the most valuable things, the things you know will make your life better- those are the right things to focus on. You will not stay disciplined if what you are doing does not have personal meaning to you.

-Be consistent with your actions– make a plan and follow it. Consistency is really key- this extends to reviewing your plan a few times a day, to keep your head in the game. It is easy to get off track when you don’t have your goals or intentions in front of you often.

Get some accountability. Hire a coach, or enroll a dedicated, non-judgmental, but tough-ish friend to report to, someone who will ask you what got you off track and to cheer for you when you are on track. Coaches specialize in this- it is one of the key features of coaching!

-Set yourself up for success. Make sure that you have everything you need ahead of time so that when you are due to take actions, nothing can stop you.

-Take note of what does get in your way and strategize how you will deal with those things as they happen in the future.

Ryan Holiday named his new book “Discipline is Destiny” and I think that is a good way to sum this up. You get to choose, you get to decide your destiny. Your consistent actions or inactions will deliver the final product.