I am focused this week on gratitude as I have been immersed in it for the past week! First a whole conference for business women with the theme of gratitude and then World Gratitude Day on September 21st!

I write gratitudes every morning and most nights, unless I fall asleep and forget!

One thing that has changed for me in the past month is a course I was enrolled in which had me focusing on any situation that was not enjoyable or what might be labeled “bad” to find the 10% that I might be able to agree with or like. So instead of looking at what is bad, look for even the smallest shred that could be good about it. I turned that into gratitude- what little piece of this can I have gratitude for?

Another other example of gratitude that is often over looked is the simple thank you! Thanking someone with a genuine smile, text, handwritten card- you know- doesn’t it feel good to you when you receive these? It makes both the giver and receiver feel good!

And remember while you are doing some thanking, to thank your higher power for even the little things if this is meaningful to you and remember to thank yourself! Thank yourself for taking that action, for showing thanks, for taking care of yourself by taking a good walk, for everything you do, thanking yourself is recognizing yourself and all of the good that you are.

Extra credit:

This week make a list of all of the things that you do that you are thankful for. I like to start my list this way:

I am grateful that I am the type of person who_________________________________________________.

Fill in the blank with a long list.

Next make a list of all of the people who you would like to thank for something. Start thanking one person, or more, each day. Notice the positive energy you build up within yourself!

I am grateful that you are the type of person who would take time out to read a blog post like this and then to take action on it, maybe even sharing it with others! 🙂