Have you had an off day lately? One that kind of sneaks up on you, takes you by surprise?

I had one of those today. I’d like to blame it on Mercury Retrograde- and maybe that is it. But I have been working for a long time to get away from blaming anything- or anyone.

The truth, I know, is that an “off” day gives me the opportunity to actually USE the tools that I have been cultivating. This thought alone is helping me. It is normal to have these types of days, and the first thought I had is that having this day shows me really how rarely they occur and that is something I can have gratitude for.

My day started off fine, but then got off course. I drove the dog 25 minutes to go walking and to get her favorite bacon, only to realize that I forgot her leash at home! I thought resourcefully and realized there was a doggy daycare in the vicinity and drove there- Yes! They were open and they had leashes! But then my credit card wouldn’t work! (Still no reasoning on that!), after three tries I had to give up and go home- at least I left with a little treat for her.

Once I got home I took Millie for a nice walk- the whole time my brain wanted to fret about the credit card, but I decided to practice presence instead of panic and enjoy the walk. It was hard!! But we enjoyed a nice long walk.

At home I hopped onto my computer to investigate my credit card situation. While everything was in line, I noticed a charge that I had not made! Next rabbit hole unfolding. I spent the morning looking for other charges and writing to the company as I was able to find them online.

I practiced being in this mode of “what is the next best thing to do.” And then having acceptance for what is. It has taken me a long time to develop these muscles.

I lost a whole morning of work- hours that I had planned for getting some important work done. I want to be angry at myself, or the situation- something! But I am conserving my energy today- and doing a lot of breathing. It will all get worked out. I lost those hours and they are lost now, I don’t want to lost further chunks of time thinking about lost time.

I had planned a lunch with a friend at a favorite spot and didn’t even think of not going. In the past I would have skipped it and canceled to get the work done. Today I knew I had to step away and break the cycle. And it worked- I was able to return to my afternoon clients renewed and energized.

The gifts in this- after walking I would have ordered tea at the coffee shop and if my credit card didn’t work there, I would have no way to pay for it. I didn’t need another leash, so the credit card not working there, saved me money. Ultimately there is nothing wrong with my credit card and I will get to the bottom of the charge- but not in a frantic way. We had fun walking around the neighborhood and it did save me time, not going to the coffee shop and taking the longer walk in town.

Am I stretching this a bit? Maybe- but know that just by trying to find something good about situations that look bad- your brain, your mindset, heck every cell in your body benefits. Turn your mind to something you are grateful for and you become happier and more resourceful.

It’s okay to have an “off” day. Use it as an experiment. See how your mind can work when something unwanted takes you by surprise. Look for what might be good about it. Use the tools you have cultivated. Do something different- you are in charge, not circumstances.