This next month at Kimberly DuBrul coaching is Thinking Month! Over the next few weeks we will dive into different aspects of thinking- how it holds us back and how we can move toward doing better best thinking. Our best thinking has gotten us to where we are now.

Our best thinking may have been faulty in the past. The first thing to do is to forgive ourselves for what in hindsight seems like faulty thinking. The self that made our past decisions thought that they were making the best decisions- and they were- based on what they knew, their emotional state and everything else that was going on in life at the time. Forgiving our past thinking is the first step toward creating true best thinking moving forward.

What thinking have you done in the past that you wish you hadn’t done? What was the outcome? Think about your life at that time- what was going on for you? What lead you to think the way you did? How can you have compassion and understanding for the person you were at the time?

I invite you to set a goal to elevate your thinking over the next month. Start today by taking some paper and pen and answering these questions and taking time for thinking- think about your “best” thinking from the past and take your time.

I think this is a lifelong pursuit- being humans- we will many times look back and judge our prior thinking. As we learn to do this less and less, and for shorter periods of time- we will start to feel a lot more enjoyment in the present moment.