Last post I wrote about going just a bit beyond your comfort zone to keep stretching and growing.

Another level to consider as you begin to explore this is your current attitude.

The last few years have been hard on most if not all of us. It is a great time to check and see how your attitudes have shifted. No matter what we have all had to deal with a different way of life.

Ask yourself these questions:

-When something inconvenient comes up, how do I deal with it? Complain or jump in to do what needs to be done?

-When I have the opportunity to try something new, how do I respond?

-What have I tried that is new to me in the last week?

-When you have a plan and don’t really feel like it when the time comes, what do you do?

-When your teenager asks you to stay up extra late to watch a show, do you do it, or do you stick to your routine because that’s what you do.

-Speaking of routines- are you pretty rigid overall, never bending or flexible?

As you answer these questions, the rule is no judgement just full self honesty. If your answers aren’t what you are striving for, how can you change?

Where have you become rigid without realizing it?

For the next week, look for opportunities to be a can-do person. If you get my newsletter, and I hope you do- watch the video, too for added thoughts on this.