How about making this fresh month of June your best yet this year?

I find it easy to put my head around this, in large part due to the better weather and a lot more sun! But there are other reasons, too!

What gets me really excited about making the most of June- which is what I intend to do- make the most of it- is that what I do all month long will deliver me to the half way point of the year. With Intentionality, I will arrive feeling good about what I have done up until that point.

Even if you’ve forgotten your goals for the year, even if you don’t like your goals anymore, this month is the best to set the tone for the second half of the year.

Now that you have gotten 5 months in, what does this year feel like to you? Take some time to write your answer to that question and these, as well:

What are you enjoying?

What has surprised you, or took you by surprise?

What is the most challenging?

What of your goals still ring true for you?

Which will you discard?

What new goal(s) would make you really excited?

What matters to you most right now?

What is not vital and can therefore be consciously put off to the side for now?

What is your most important initiative for the month of June?  For the next 90 days?

What would make you feel best during this month and at the midway point of the year if you were to follow through?

Remember to make your goals and actions small enough to be do-able and get actions you will take into your schedule! Set yourself a good plan for success!

Here are a few other things to consider:

What would you like to read in June?

What would you like to learn?

What would you like to experience?

What challenge would you like to set for yourself and who will support you and hold you accountable?

The photo with this post caught my eye as I was walking this morning- a whole field of possible wishes! I love wishes and believe in the power of wishes, but remember we still need to take the actions that are within our control to make our wishes come true.

In June, spend more time thinking and acting on what is WITHIN YOUR CONTROL and not wasting time on things that are not within your control. Just take a vacation from that! Decide to have more fun and look to see how you can fit fun into the things you are doing- even if you don’t think of them as fun.

Set a vision to arrive at July 1 radiant, intentional, energized and feeling good, by your definition!