Consistency is described as steady continuity when I look at definitions.

I learned from Darren Hardy and other great mentors over the years that things that you do consistently add up. They compound. This is worth looking at for a minute because it doesn’t matter whether the things we are doing are good for us or not good for us- doing something consistently creates a result.

Also, we can consistently NOT do something and also create a result.

When I created my planner for coaches around how I build my business one word kept floating to the surface- consistent. Taking the right actions consistently over and over again without second guessing it or changing it too soon, this is powerful. 

This week’s message is simple. In the next week, keep a notepad nearby. Notice the things you are doing consistently and create a list. Create another list of things you are doing, but not consistently. Take note of the results you are getting and how this is all working for you.

Take some time to journal and think about what you discover. What would you like to change, drop, hold steady, expand? Time devoted to this will bring great clarity to your life.

I was speaking to a business group when this word came up. This is a great exercise to do around your business and business activities, but I want to encourage you to look at all other areas of your life, as well.

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