I know it’s cheesy, but I grew up celebrating all holidays fully- all of the ones my family new about, which honestly were probably just the ones that were commercialized. So when it comes to March I think of Leprechauns, good luck, pots of gold, rainbows and four leaf clovers.

Now besides those things coming to mind, I think of March and a month of hope and a month that is full of possibilities. Not to mention it looks like such a long month on the calendar so plenty of time to gain some traction on things!

What would you like to gain some traction on? One of the things I see people get stuck on is watching other people and thinking that person has such good luck. And at the same time inferring that they, themselves, do not.

If we could peer into the life of every person who appears to have good luck, we would see a lot of habits, failures, effort and sometimes something magical happens. But for the most part people who seem to experience the magic have done a great deal of consistent effort to position themselves for “good luck”.

They have set themselves up. They do their part and then energy, other forces seem to conspire to create the luck. I call this co-creating and in coaching it is a foundation to what we do in a coach-client relationship. We each do our part to create the outcome.

This month, instead of a whole bunch of goals, what is the one thing you would like to co-create by the end of the month? What “good luck” would you like to create for yourself? What have you already done that is within your power to do? Make a list.

What have you not yet done that you know you could do? Make a list.

What keeps you from doing those things and what would have to happen in order to finally take those actions once and for all?

Who can help you? Who can you tell that could hold you accountable?

One of the reinvention tools I love is called Stellar- what a great name! One piece of it is about doing “sprints” which I love! That means a short action to take or three to get yourself to the next level of the goal. This helps to break it down greatly. So this week what 2-3 small things could you do to move yourself forward? And then next Sunday ask yourself the same for the week ahead after reflecting on your results in the past week.

If you want good luck, it is up to you to do everything within your control and to keep doing those things until you get some awareness, results. Patience is key- with ourselves and the process. But the saying “you create what you spend the most time thinking about” is the truest in this instance.

Get that pen and paper out now and strategize. Then take action!