There are so many versions of who we are- roles we play, who others experience us as and depending upon the season of life we are in, there will be a lot of moving parts of us.

The big version of you I am thinking of today is who you think you are.

Taking time to really, consciously know yourself takes some time and effort. It is worth it because from this foundation you can start to create better decision making, more enjoyment and more successful results for yourself. You can experience more authenticity and the feeling of living your best life. 

If you are not in the habit of introspection- sitting with yourself and reflecting on who you are- it might be a bit uncomfortable at first. Just hang with it. It is normal to feel that way, but in NO way should you take that as a sign that you should stop, or you’re not good at it, etc. In fact in my world- discomfort equals growth. Discomfort is to be celebrated as the route to the next great level of your life.

My friend and reinvention colleague Danielle Silverman- Life Transition Coach- spelled out some great questions recently that really resonated with me. I invite you to spend a little time with a pen and paper to hand write out some of these answers.

Reflect Deeply on Who I Am:

-What positive attributes define me?

-What have I accomplished?

-What have I experienced? (I added this one!)

-What are my unique personality traits?

Then she asked the best question which I have tweaked slightly into two questions;

-How do I currently translate these things into living my best, most authentic life?

-How could I translate these things into living my best, most authentic life?

As you write the answers to these questions I hope that you will really celebrate you. Realizing, as Rob Bell says, “YOU has never been attempted before” is pretty powerful. Taking stock of who you are can fill you with awe. As human beings we can naturally focus on what is not good or complete about us, or about the negative (as we see them) aspects of ourselves.

Take some time today to sit down and answer these questions. See what starts to shift for you and feel how amazing it is to be the one and only you!!