Picking up on yesterday, with a shorter post.

In yesterday’s post I said this:

We tend to think a lot about what we perceive we have done wrong or what wrong has been done to us, and a lot less about all that we have done right and all the good that has been done for us.

Today is the day to think, or even better, make a list of all of the good that you have done this year. Next, all of the good that has been done for you this year.

On purpose.

Taking this energy into 2021 will be very powerful.

Even doing this once is good, making it a practice, even better. Recognizing yourself and your goodness, and all of the good that is around and coming to you, done as a habit, puts you into momentum and creates more a more of it.

Be on the lookout for the good coming your way this week and consider what good you would like to do this week.

No one needs to know. Or maybe everyone knows. It doesn’t matter, except that you know.