Meaning is such a big word! It is so expansive, it is almost indescribable- and when it comes to describing you and what the meaning of your life is, it is like no other.

This of finding the meaning in your life as a treasure hunt. You spend a good portion of your life following clues. Some become clearer over the course of time, some get left behind or morph into something else altogether.

Meaning shows up in many ways and there are few ways that make sense to get started or to continue to explore the meaning in your life. So that this blog post is a manageable read, I will highlight some things for you to look into and give you some ways to forge ahead on your own.

-One of the best ways to start to uncover meaning is looking at your strengths. Many of you know I work extensively with clients around the VIA Character Strengths. I love these because they are about who you are as a person. If you haven’t taken the survey in a year or more, I encourage you to do it. Your first bit of treasure.

Noticing how you use your strengths naturally and endeavoring to use them on purpose is a great foundation.

-Next you can start to look at what you are good at. What skills and talents come naturally to you? Have you even recognized yourself for these things? Make a good list, even if the things seem odd or meaningless- write them all down and take them in. The Clifton Strengths assessment is another good one that compliments the VIA as it is more about what you are good at, though there is some overlap.

Are you using some of these things? How might you use them more, or use more of them?

-Look at your values. What is important to you? Make another list. Then look at your schedule for the last month. When you look at how you spend your time, what occurs to you? What does your use of time say that you are valuing? Do your real values and lived values match up?

If not, it’s okay, no need to judge- this is GREAT information! With this information you are now able to do something to change. Start with just one tiny thing- it will add up and affect the rest of your life in a big way.

Wow! You can really make some progress with just a little bit of your time toward living your most meaningful life- which also means happiest.

Spend some time learning about your strengths and using them on purpose.

Make a list of all of the things you are good at. Plan to use something more or use something you haven’t been.

Make sure your real values and how you live your life match up. For instance, for me I highly value reading. I schedule in reading time to my days. If I don’t read, I am not living my values. See how this thought applies to you.

Look around you this week and see what you see in your daily life that is meaningful. What, who, where? Enjoy taking in meaning wherever you go and write about it in a journal. It is a sure route to feeling fulfilled.