I love this idea for our month of igniting, because once again, this comes from within you and can be building and amplifying while you are sitting still- like a duck gliding gracefully across the water, but under the water there is a lot of activity going on!

Get still to ignite your self belief. 

I am finding that many people- myself included, are thinking about who they are now, and so many of us have been away from a lot of “worldly” situations- out in the world- and we may have even forgotten what we are good at. Confidence can be low.

Even if your confidence is not feeling low, it is the perfect time to check in on your level of self belief. I say a post by Brene Brown the other day that alluded to thinking about how often you ask others for their input in order to make a decision. You may be second guessing yourself right now. You might be experiencing some uncertainty from living in uncertainty in a big way.

Having a weak or weakened self belief will look a little differently for each of us. Join me in answering these questions for yourself, if you feel the call to do a re-set and inspection on your self belief level. Give yourself 30+ minutes of quiet space with your journal to think these through.

-What would it mean for you to ignite your self belief? In what areas would you like to ignite?

-What are 5 positive beliefs you have about yourself?

-What 5 beliefs do you have that do not support you?

-Where do you trust yourself most?

-Where do you feel the most unsure of yourself?

-Where do your current beliefs about yourself hold you back?  Support you?

**Having explored these things (and believe me- this is just the tip of the iceberg!), what one step (or more if you like) would you commit to take in the next 24 hours that will create momentum toward igniting your self belief?

When will you do it?

Who can help you?

What else do you need in order to expand yourself?

Just by answering these questions and thinking about these things, know how far ahead you are. Give that to yourself.

Take one step and it leads to the next. I commend you for being here and reading this post, there is so much available to you in life- go get it! But first, get still and light your fire!