There are seasons of our lives that we can lose our spark. Maybe for a day or week, maybe for a year. I lost mine for about five years and came out on the other side better than before.

When I think back to how I did it, I know it was because I was consistent in activities that ignite my spirit. The bar was pretty low, but getting outside in nature was a must for me, no matter what the weather. My faith also helped me to keep going.

We all have our “things” that ignite our spirits. What does it for you? These are the things that when you do them you lose track of time, even if momentarily, and you feel happy and uplifted once you’re done.

You can start to live your life this way each day. It takes thought and planning and willingness to do so.

I have worked with so many clients over the years who have really honest reasons for leaving their spirits un-ignited. Not enough time, people they are responsible for, don’t know how anymore. These are all good reasons, legit.

But what they really are, are stories. Stories that have become real over time. Part of what I do as a coach is to ask questions to help clients to re-ignite their spirits, if that is something they want to do. (Who doesn’t!) No matter what goals you have in life, igniting your spirit is the strong foundation upon which to stand.

What ignites your spirit?

-Playing games with loved ones?

-A day trip with your kids?

-Quiet time reading or in prayer, meditation, listening to music?

-Being in nature either moving or in stillness?

-The beach? (this one does it for me instantly!)

-Taking a class, learning something?


-Cooking or baking?

-Volunteering/serving others?

-A romantic dinner?

-A walk followed by coffee with a great friend you tell anything to?


-Bike ride?



What would you add to the list?

On a list, all of these are just words on a list. What matters is that you start to put your spirit igniters into your days, weeks, months. Momentum will build and you will start to feel that sense of spirit in your life, as a way of life.

It will take practice and I suggest, accountability. In order to change, you have to make a commitment to yourself. One of the most valuable things a great coach will do for you is to hold you accountable to what you want, and a great time to have a coach is when you want to create real change in your life.

Devote some real time to igniting your spirit- you and your life are worth it.