This week I am combining my themes for the months of July and August, as we usher in a new month.

July: IGNITE- catch fire, arouse, to heat up or excite, to begin to glow

It’s what I have been writing and sharing about all month, as well as working with it myself. My favorite meaning is to begin to glow. I feel that is something that happens from the inside out. Overall the theme ignite has meant to pick and area of life or an aspect of yourself that you would like to expand and set about doing it!

What have you ignited this month?

I have ignited my reading and I ignited a sense of clarity about what to say yes and no to. I have ignited my ability to be open to welcoming good things to happen- by igniting my focus on how I want to feel and cultivating it from the inside through mindset work and meditation. I have ignited a stronger tipping of the scale toward thinking more about what I want and what is already great and less about what I don’t want and what is not perfect.

I have seen that when I focus on a theme for a period of time, actively engaging with it, things will shift in little and big ways.

So now we are going to think about igniting simplicity! What? Is that even a thing?

August: SIMPLICITY– To reduce to basic essentials, diminish in scope or complexity, to clarify

I LOVE those definitions! So, igniting seems to be about expanding and simplicity about reducing. Interesting. How can we use two words together? It’s so good, really!

Here are a couple of ways:

-Find more places to simplify just for the month of August. Use the month as an experiment.

-Take one area of your life and  completely revamp your way of doing it in a big way. It may be a process, or it may be clearing out a bunch of your clothing/belongings.

Just start to consider what simplicity means to you this month? When you look at the definition, what comes up for you? What ignites your soul about simplicity and what are you drawn to do? Listen to yourself. Write it down.

Then make a plan. What will you do, how will you do it and who can support, help and encourage you.

I have so much to share in the next month around simplicity- we will talk about environment, sound, overwhelm, being alone and so much more, so jump in and join me.

If you get my newsletter this week’s video will give you a few more insights and then off we go into August!

Enjoy your last moments of July 2021 and make the most of them!