My word for July is Ignite!  I wrestled with it a bit, but it stuck.

As the world returns to robust activity, no masks and everything open, I am not sure I am ready to ignite! But the heat of the summer, this month of July makes me think of turning up the heat.

No matter where we are at, we are all igniting something at this point. It is very personal. We are all going to most likely be doing and going more than we have been.

So the question is, how do you want to ignite your life right now? It is the perfect time to make new choices, reevaluate going back to old ways, and rethinking how you want to show up in the world, or not. For me, I am not ready to fully appear in the world yet. I have like my cocoon world of home base and maybe the occasional farm, coffee shop or grocery store outing. I could be very happy this way!

Life has other ideas for me! Now that things are opening up and my son is going into senior year of HS, it is the time for him to be visible to basketball coaches. He wants to play in college. So I am going to some big areas, big tournaments, and supporting him in realizing his dream. I am happy to do it, but if I had to choose, I certainly would not be choosing to visit some of the places we are going. I am thinking about how to make it work for me. How to make it a great experience. Igniting my way, and mindfully- I will let you know how I do!

You might be fully ready to ignite your out in the world life right now. We are all in different places on this.

That is one way to ignite- your out in the world self.

This month I will look at igniting within, igniting ideas and projects, igniting relationships and challenging yourself which is always a sure fire way to ignite and add meaning to your life.

The photo with this post is of a lotus flower currently blooming in our neighborhood’s pond. It reminds me of how nature is igniting in a big way right now! It is so amazing how a beautiful flower can ignite from a mucky pond! Beauty out of the muck- a metaphor for our lives at times! Happy July to you!