If you read last week’s blog and took it to heart, you have likely made some space in your life. Now the question is, what will you fill that space with- what would you like to fill it with?

You can say nothing- and in that way the answer really is- space. So you just manifested more space in your life.

Just to get you started, manifesting means something is appearing. We have things all around us all of the time, but if our attention is elsewhere and we miss it. That is why you may have heard- what you focus on expands. Sometimes it was there all along, but because we weren’t focusing on it, we didn’t see it.

The energy you put toward something will allow you to see it. There is no magic wand, or definite time frame for this- somethings you will see quickly and others it takes a long time. Also, I believe you have to be taking right actions toward what it is that you want- this is called co-creation.

What might you like to manifest in your life, or see appear in your life? Here are a few examples:

The right people for you to connect to for business.

Friends with common interests.

A love interest who is a perfect fit for you.

Financial abundance.

New opportunities and experiences in life and at work.

Discernment and clear decision making.

Vision, awareness, peace, acceptance, lightness, joy, connection……. ┬áthe list is limitless!

Start this week by writing out a complete description of what you want. Pick one area. What does it look like? What does it feel like- detailed.

Then make another list of all of the actions you can take- YOU can take and control- and complete list. Get out your schedule and start scheduling in these actions. Consistent action will create momentum and that is all energy pointed in the direction of what you want.

So refine and make space. Decide what you want to add in and set about manifesting it by being clear, focused on it each day by reading your description and taking consistent action.

Be light and have fun with this.

See you next week for more refining!