Own Your Pace!

This phrase has meant a lot to me- ever since I heard it earlier in the week.

There is so much going on in the world right now, pace is everything. There can be a lot of frenzied energy and there can be a lot of hurry up and wait. There can be low energy times where we have a hard time doing what we set out to do. We have other high energy times where we might be even over the top.

We can also feel a lot of pressure to keep a certain pace that is not jiving with what feels right to us in any given moment.

So that is where owning your pace comes in.

YOU get to decide your pace- but let it be intentional. Instead of getting caught up, or feeling guilty, decide ahead of time what pace works for you- and it may be different depending upon the day and what you have to do.

Decide ahead of time AND remain flexible. Because you may change your mind. It is VERY normal right now to want to change your mind. You can dig in and stick with it, or you can change your mind and change course- just let it be conscious and intentional. That’s the big word here- intentional.

Make the plan first, but remain flexible. Be intentional when you set your plan, and be intentional when you change it.

When you decide intentionally you can be rid of guilt, overwhelm, excuse making and just plain feeling badly.

Own the pace that works for you- and sometimes that might mean pushing harder- it is not always about letting yourself off the hook, although it might be sometimes.

Own the pace that works for you in your day, in your learning, in your executing, in your level of commitment. All of it.

Play around with this idea this week and see what aha’s you get.

Own your pace this week and see what new heights you might reach.

No apology, no guilt, no comparison. Your pace is yours and yours only.