We made it to July!  This first half of 2020 has been one for the books- for so many reasons, and I know you know them well!

Resilience is my word for the second half of the year. To me, having resilience is me expanding my capacity to handle what comes my way with grace, especially. I look at it like it is me getting over things that I don’t like or don’t support me faster so that I can get on to the things that I do like. It is like embracing whatever happens as a way to learn and grow and not to get stuck in the muck of it.

This year, if you’ve been reading my posts you know, my plans got turned upside down. I am sure yours did, too. Everyone I know has been affected by this year and almost everyone is changed personally in some way. Personal growth opportunities have abounded- did you take them up on their offer, or get stuck in resentment?

NO JUDGEMENT here- from me, or from you toward you. It happens.

So look- think back about the last six months- give yourself a report card.

What I did well.

What I didn’t do so well.

Where I am still stuck.

Overall how well have I done with accepting the current situation, pivoting my business, adapting to a new schedule and way of living?

How well have I done with letting go of what no longer is possible? How fast did I do it?

What have I actually noticed that is better in my life experience because of what has happened this year?

How has slowing down these past few months benefited you?

Decision fatigue is real- having too many decisions to make can put you on overload. We have all had a break from that given that for a period of time there just weren’t that many options for anything! Including toilet paper!

I would suggest taking a mini retreat with yourself and your journal or pad of paper and answering these questions in your handwriting.

I did a 20 for 2020 list and just revamped it- only 3 of the items were still possible given the state of things. I now had the opportunity to dream up new, more currently possible things for my 2020.

I was just looking at my 2019 Summer checklist for my newsletter to update it for 2020. There were many items on it that had to come off. At the same time I added just as many to the list- I was surprised at the number of things that I had not even considered last year!

This year is a great training ground for resilience. If you pay attention, you can really make the most of this time.

Now we still don’t have the all of the answers, but we do not things are probably never going back to “normal” and we do see that for the time being, this is it. I am not saying this is you, but if you know someone who is stuck in the resentment of why, when will it end, why did this have to happen, and waiting for things to get better- they are in for a lot of self imposed suffering. If this person is in business they likely won’t be a year from now.

So now we have to switch our attention to what is possible, opportunity, reframing- what might be good about this? What am I willing to do radically different in my life, in my business? How can I can inspired? What can I read or listen to? Who can I learn from? Who can help kick me in the butt?

These are the questions we need to start asking ourselves.

The last thing I want to say about this is that if you are weary, you may not be able to make the leap. So the first order of business is going to be self care- and doubling down on it. If you think you are doing well, do more. Think expansive self care. What are you doing to take care of yourself? Mind, body and spirit. I know you know the answer to what you could and should be doing. You have to make YOU a priority. Because if you don’t, only so much is possible.

Don’t you want everything that is possible? What do you want? It is time to start asking for it wholeheartedly and without apology. How will you be at your best to make it happen?

Learn to bounce back faster. Learn to seize opportunities. Re-train your brain.

Be patient and make progress. It is about progress, not perfection.

July- the best fresh start! New month, new quarter, new half of the year. Make the most of it!