What Holds You Back?

As I have worked on my version of blooming all month long, my attention has most been drawn to what gets in the way for me. I am pretty good at doing the things that fill me with life- doing the things I love to do, healthy habits, fresh air and sunshine- you, too? Sometimes … Continued

Full Bloom

I am thinking a lot about the last quarter of this year. I am thinking about being blooming right through the end of this year, leading myself into a strong 2021, despite circumstances. Because circumstances are anyone’s guess. What I can control is what I am thinking about and how, what I am participating in, … Continued

Bloom Where You Are!

My theme for the month of September is Bloom! something very counterintuitive, at a time of year where the blooms in nature are fading fast. Whether we have gone kicking and screaming or embraced it, 2020 has caused all to grow- a little or a lot. The growing and learning are constant unless we stick … Continued