I am thinking a lot about the last quarter of this year. I am thinking about being blooming right through the end of this year, leading myself into a strong 2021, despite circumstances.

Because circumstances are anyone’s guess.

What I can control is what I am thinking about and how, what I am participating in, giving myself permission to do, what I am spending my time, my money, my energy and everything else I have got on.

And so can you.

Be intentional about these last few months. What would you like to create in your life? What would you like more of? How could you create the environment for that?

A big part of blooming is being in the right environment- the right circumstances- think again about a flower- if it doesn’t have the right soil, the right nutrients, the right amount of sun or shade, it doesn’t thrive. *BUT* We have seen things grow in less than ideal circumstances, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. Think about what small step you could take or what small tweak you could make now.

What is one thing you could do this week to improve your environment – physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, your home, your office- which one area and which one change or improvement could set you in the direction that supports you most?

That is how it starts. Just one thing to get you moving- no matter the size.

I am working on my emotional area to really clean house. I keep having a lot of old feelings, memories, old thoughts, self doubts, mistakes, feelings, emotions- all coming up. They are all from the past and no longer serve me. I have already gained the lessons and I can still look for any last lessons I may have missed, but I am letting these things go. I am working to become even more present and to become a little more future minded. It is a real challenge because the future seems so unsure much of the time. What I want to do is to create a better, stronger emotional me, minus some heavy old baggage to healthfully and skillfully work with whatever the future has in store for me. I want my full energy to pour into my goals and dreams.

Write this out:

What will it be?

When will you do it?

Put it in your schedule/calendar.

Follow through on it.

Have someone hold you accountable.

What a cool time to experiment and see what you can really do with this crazy year and what is left of it! You might surprise yourself!

I am with you.