So many times when I work with clients they are getting ready to get ready. I have been in this place myself many times.

Taking action is many times the only thing that will finally make everything start to click. You may not feel ready, but there is always the next right step that can be taken.

I read this question recently: “What am I doing with what I have got?” Instead of wishing for more or less of something- am I utilizing all of the resources I have within me and around me to the fullest? The more I do with these things, the more they will grow into more and get stronger.

What have you got?  Make a list. Today.

Do you know what your biggest strengths are? If so, are you using them intentionally? How?

If not, make it a point to do an assessment to see where your greatest strengths lie.

Realize you are already ready to take that next step. You are way more ready than you might think.

Figure out what the next step is.

Schedule it into your calendar.

Tell someone and ask them to hold you accountable.

Start to move forward. This is how you start to bloom right now. Not waiting for spring or for whatever you have convinced yourself you must wait for.

Take one step, then the next and soon you will catch momentum and that is when things really take off.