My theme for the month of September is Bloom! something very counterintuitive, at a time of year where the blooms in nature are fading fast.

Whether we have gone kicking and screaming or embraced it, 2020 has caused all to grow- a little or a lot. The growing and learning are constant unless we stick our heads in the sand. Now it is time to BLOOM!!

I have been studying the word bloom all week long. As I looked through the definitions, several words popped up that got me very excited!










and even prosperity!

Blooms are each unique, just like us. We are each out own expression of blooming. No one else can duplicate us.

To get you started this month I am giving you some homework if you choose to accept it.

First, write down what it means to you to fully BLOOM in your own life. Take some time to write a description and don’t sensor yourself. You can write down anything you want.

Then consider writing some ways it would mean for you to BLOOM in these areas:

-Self care


-Scheduling your time


-Forgiveness of self and others

-Using your strengths

-Listening to others

-Your finances

-Being of service

-Your perspectives



-Learning and reading

-Your spirituality

Take a little retreat with yourself to spend time answering these and add other areas that occur to you, as well.

Come back next week for more on what BLOOM means and continue this September journey with me!