Welcome to Day 24!

A little vibration 101:

If it lowers your vibration

it’s not for you.

If it raises your vibration

it’s for you.

That’s how you’ll know.

Vibrations are guidance.

Pay attention to you

vibration and internal

cues. Stay mindful of

how your vibration

is responding to stimuli.

Lala Delia from Vibrate Higher Daily

The only way I know to do this is to start to be still at times. I love Sundays to just be still. Since there are fewer places to run around to these days, this is a great time to practice being still, paying attention and mindfulness.

As the title of the book by one of my favorite authors, Ryan Holiday, goes: Stillness is the Key.

He says that stillness is the doorway to self-mastery, discipline and focus.

What I take from this is that this is the place from which you get to decide what you want in your day, your week, month and year- even that moment. Stillness is the root of creation. A place to get clear and decide.

Day 24 Coaching Journal Questions:

-How often have you just sat, on purpose to be still in the past week?

-How has being still served you in the past? Can you think of an instance?

-Where would being still more often throughout your day serve you?

-How could you pay more attention throughout the week to notice whether a vibration is helping you or not?

-If you started to pay attention to high and love vibrations coming at you, and started to make more conscious decisions about your actions, reactions and mindsets, how would your life be better? In what ways? (be specific)

Day 24 Challenge:

Sit for no other purpose than to sit and be still. Watch all of your thoughts come and go- do this for 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes: you choose.

And, all day long set the intention, just for today, to be in tune with the vibrations you are feeling and what is coming at you, what you are giving out. Just notice- today, you don’t have to do anything but notice. Extra credit you can write in your journal the aha’s you receive by noticing.

** I took today’s high vibe photo this morning on my run at Shelburne Farms. I was with my son- we got up really early to do a virtual 5k run with RunVermont. To me, there is no better high vibe way to start the day than outside! **

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