Welcome to Day 23!

I was just having a great talk with my good friend and we were talking about the word expectations. There is a lot here. When I think of this word, I think of positive expectations. Having things to look forward to. We started to also talk about how exceptions can be our ruining. Having high expectations and having them not come through can be disappointing at best, devastating at worst.

I don’t think we throw out the whole exception game in hopes to avoid devastation and disappointment. I think we need to be willing to take that chance, but this may not be true for everyone.

Since we are here about high vibes, I am going to offer my perspective on how expectations can be high vibe. And then there is one crucial thing we have to do to make it work, more on that in a minute.

One of the best high vibe things to me personally is to have things, or something to look forward to. I am a real vision person. Expecting good is at the core of who I am. This means I could get my feelings hurt a lot. At my age I am still working on this, but still not willing to give up my positive vision and expectation for what I want to be true.

For the sake of our challenge I am suggesting we use the word and spirit of expectation in this way: to feel uplifted and high vibe about the possibilities. Your vibe attracts your experience, so I am still going to chose to believe that having a positive expectation will serve me better in the long run.

In the spirit of this, consider:


-expect to have some fun doing_______ today.

-expect to do something kind for someone today.

-expect to go on a trip, take a walk, have a personal retreat day, plan to learn something new, cook something and share it, read my book for a few hours at some point in the future.

-expect my finances to grow and for my life to be filled with abundance and prosperity.

-expect that the good work I am doing will benefit others.

-expect that I will be part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

-expect that I will learn from the life lessons that are presented to me.

-expect that I will, with the help of my doctor, become my healthiest self.

-expect that I have the answers within me.

-expect that I can count on the support of my Higher Power.

-expect that when I log on to technology everything will work.

-expect that the work I am doing in the world has meaning.

-expect to feel more peaceful after yoga.

I could go on, but I am out of time! These are just some that come to my mind, feel free to adopt any of them for yourself! ¬†What if…..

What I have to be willing to do is to not be attached to the outcome.

This is where expectations can turn negative. When someone blocks my expectation from being fulfilled or doesn’t go along with my plan. When someone doesn’t behave in the way I had hoped they would.

When I expect someone to change or behave differently, especially after years of proof to the opposite, I am just setting myself up. When I am expecting things that have to have the cooperation of others, I am setting myself up for disappointment and a whole variety of other negative emotions.

I know, a lot to think about for a little post. Take your time with this.

Day 23 Coaching Journal and Challenge!:

Make your own list of positive expectations, use some above and/or let those spark your own.

Take note of negative expectations you many carry around with you. Where are you expecting the worst? Why is that? What is actually true?

How much are you allowing your unrealistic expectations of others create dissatisfaction, disappointment,sadness, anger in your life? How would you like to change that? What will you do differently?


Take a deep breath on this one.  There is one more key word here: Acceptance. Acceptance for what is or what unfolds from our expectations. I want you to start thinking about this word, because there is more to come on that.

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