Welcome to Day 22!

This post may not be what you think it will be! 🙂

I was driving home this morning from my favorite walking spot and heard the disco song Fantastic Voyage along the way. Talk about a high vibe filled start to the day.

Nature, movement, sun, a bench, writing, birds……  and DISCO!

Music has such an impact on our hearts, souls and vibe.  For a long while I got away from listening to music, which I have mentioned in a previous post. My new morning rule is music to and from walking- no audio books or podcasts. I walk and run with natures soundtrack- not plugged in.

Nature, green, fresh air. High Vibe High Vibe High Vibe!!!

I believe that the entire experience of being outside is replenishing for your nervous system. Being on dirt is extremely beneficial to you- so if you can find a dirt road or a path or grass to get out on- that is the BEST!

The sounds, the smells, the sights, the dirt, the air, the sun, deep breaths of all of it- all so healing and at this time, we all need it- whether you have realized it or not.

Getting outside…. and DISCO MUSIC….. are SO high vibe!  Even if you think you are not a fan of disco, I dare you to listen and not start movin’ and groovin’.

Day 22 Coaching Journal Questions:

-What are you listening to in the mornings?

-How often are you getting outside, for how long and what are you doing outside?

-Where could you go to find dirt to walk or run on?

-What would be more ideal for you for outside time than what you are already doing?

-How do you feel after you have been outside?

Day 22 Challenge:

Why did I mix outside and disco music together? Because when we start to lump things into package deals, we are most likely to get them done. This thing goes with that thing.

Make a plan today to follow for the next week- group 1-3 things together that are high vibe and commit to doing them each day. If you are already doing this, recommit, tweak, add one, whatever you would like to do.

Extra challenge- listen to your favorite disco song- or find one- and dance to it. If others are around, invite them, too. Or they may just see you and join in. Heck, have a disco dance party if you want to! One song usually leads to another for me!

If you are in your car and have satellite radio- listen to the Groove station or Studio 54 today! If you are in the glorious state of Vermont where the weather is FINE, open the sunroof and put the windows down! I might just drive around just so that I can do that!

Today, breath and enjoy, take a pause, do what you are called to do. Take care of you and stoke that vibe up!!  You’ve got the controls!

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