Welcome to Day 21!!

What do you think about the subject of mindfulness? I find it is a topic we can not avoid when attempting to live a high vibe life. The word gets used a lot and I think the potency gets watered down in the process.

Being mindful is simply being where you are wherever you are body, mind and spirit. Consciously paying attention to what you are doing or being in the moment. No distractions.

A lot of people stop paying attention pretty quickly to anything about being mindful. It seems too tall an order. But really, being mindful and becoming more naturally mindful is a practice. Just like everything else you practice, you get better at it with time. It is a lifelong pursuit and there is no certain place to arrive where you’ve got it. Just instances where you are in it.

My most mindful moments lately are when I am taking photos of flowers. Also, when eating with my family, putting my phone away and just being with them. Because I have so much racing through my mind right now, I am really practicing listening to my family members, being mindful and focused on them and what they are trying to say to me. That is a challenge for me right now.

Mindful moments are a break from the action, and even a moment can be quite refreshing. We are human and we are not going to be walking around 100% mindful all of the time. It is just not realistic to think we could or would.

Be mindful today and just see what you see, notice what you notice, hear what is trying to get your attention. Be mindful so that you can carefully choose your responses to people and situations.

It feels good. Those mindful moments are high vibration and will ripple through you in such a healthy way.

Day 21 Coaching JournalĀ Questions:

-What does being mindful mean to you?

-When are you the most mindful?

-Where would you like to be more mindful?

Day 21 Challenge:

-How could you, starting today, be more mindful? Make a list of all of the opportunities- missed or captured- to practice and put being mindful into action.

-Focus and be mindful with at least one person, on purpose today. Put everything away, turn everything off and just give them you undivided attention.

-Google mindfulness to learn more. John Kabat-Zinn is my favorite authority on the subject.