Welcome to Day 25!

Truth is, I am not feeling 100% high vibe this morning. It happens. I recognize there are those days, it sometimes just seems like it is in the air. I can not pinpoint anything specific- I slept well (which is not always the case), I woke up early and did several meditations- for a whole hour today. Should be good to go!

Since I got up, I have been indecisive and that is making me feel a little anxiety. Or is it the other way around?

Should I wash my face now, or later after I work out? Should I walk here or there? When and what should I eat? Things are not normally very difficult to decide, seem like the weight of the world and very important to get right. (and lots of shoulds!)

I started to drive to one place to walk and changed my mind before I got to the end of my street, I turned around. Turning around is not something I will normally do once I get started in a direction. But today I did. I listened to that voice inside.

I hear things are in retrograde- maybe that is it? I think there is something in the air.

I have heard from friends already this morning, reaching out for my high vibe support because they are feeling something, too- and I was able to rise to the occasion. Huh. Helping someone else raised my vibe. Because I could stop thinking about myself for a few minutes.

Instead of walking first thing, I sat down to write and then I ate breakfast. I will actually get to walking after I finish writing this post. and my vibe is rising by the minute, slowly, but surely.

Where is all of this going?

I think two things. 1- We want to have a go to recipe for the times when we do not feel high vibe. And 2- we have to be willing to be flexible and change our recipe because somedays that is what is called for.

Day 25 Coaching JournalĀ Questions:

-What is your go to recipe to changing your lower vibe state to high vibe- what are the top 5 ingredients? Create one if you do not yet have one.

-How flexible are you to turn around and change things up when they are just not feeling right?

Day 25 Challenge:

Find someone to help today- whether with your words, a post, a gesture- this should be directed toward someone, not a blanket, general thing. When you do this, you will already start to see your vibration raise. It doesn’t have to be big or grand.

Try your recipe today, even if your vibe is high, like a trial run or dress rehearsal. You can feel even better than ever, but will also start to get that muscle memory ingrained so that when you need to go into high vibe action, you will be ready and your belief in it will be there.

Treat yourself today, like you would a friend. What caring and compassion would you bring to them? What soft and encouraging words would you speak? Speak them to yourself. Let this be a part of your recipe.

Remember it is normal and human to have off days.