Welcome to Day 26!

Okay, we are really in the home stretch now- are you still with me?

This challenge has been filled with ideas, disciplines, focuses and CHALLENGES!

Challenges are so important to us a human beings who want to grow and become all that we can be. The thing that threatens us the most- buying into the idea of overwhelm, losing our commitment, getting off track, and failing to plan to succeed. Have any of these happened to you in the past few weeks?

If you are what you would describe as “on track” for you, then keep on going!

If you have labeled yourself or your experience in the challenge “off track”, then hear this- just start again now! Start anywhere.

Remember: The fact that you joined this challenge means that you have it in you to change your experience. And you have the desire. Just joining the challenge in the first place is a WIN!

Do the next right step, for you. Any step you take moves you toward momentum and you will immediately feel good for taking ANY step- in other words, you will expand your vibration in the right, positive, most helpful direction.

Just like the apple trees right now, you are blossoming.

Are old stories of what you are capable of creeping in? Are you resisting the ideas presented? Are you comparing, judging or otherwise sabotaging yourself? (all in the low vibe category.) If you get one thing out of this challenge and it turns out to be this: you learn about yourself, you raise your awareness about yourself, your thoughts, your mindset and the big win: WHEN YOU ARE AWARE, YOU CAN DO SOMETHING WITH THAT!

You hold the key. How cool is that?

Day 26 Coaching Journal Questions:

-Where have you sabotaged yourself during this challenge?

-If you are not fully engaged- where did you hop off the bus? What caused it? What will you do to get back on?

-What have you learned about yourself in the challenge so far?

-Where do you want help/support? Who can help/support you?

-What is the next right step that you will take today in order to move forward?

Day 26 Challenge:

In the spirit of true challenge- do something today that really challenges you. Just do it. If you want support, post on the Facebook page and ask for it. Challenges are necessary in our lives because they allow us to truly see what we are capable of.

There is so much goodness available on the other side of meeting a challenge.

Again– the challenge you take is not to be compared- it does not matter- if you you think it is a challenge, then it IS a challenge. We are all in different places- I know I sound like a broken record, but something tells me I need to keep writing this.

Please post what you did and how you feel in the Facebook page if you are following along there. Let’s hear from you!

Remember- this is the homestretch, time to kick it into gear and make yourself proud!