Welcome to Day 27!

This is a quick one today. It kind of goes along with what we talked about a while back, but with a twist.

A mantra is something that you repeat over and over again, it could be to aid concentration for instance when meditating. It is simply known as a statement or slogan repeated frequently.

As accepting as I am of all kinds of modalities for learning and living a better life, I was a little shy of mantras. it was just outside of my comfort zone. This was before I really knew that whatever made me uncomfortable was usually the thing I most needed to do.

I was exposed to mantra through my yoga teacher training and then through the Chopra offerings. I stumbled upon one I really really love when one of the founders of the Chopra Center, David Simon, passed away. As I read about him and his life they mentioned this mantra as one he loved and used frequently in his last days of live.

It is called the Om Tryambakam Mantra. A description of it says that when used daily it will bestow you with good health, wealth, prosperity and long life. It generates POSITIVE VIBES and protects against calamities. Sounds good to me! 🙂

I had forgotten about this mantra until a few days ago, really thinking about what else have I done in the past to create high vibes.

My two cents about this is that I think the mantra that resonates with you is personal. You don’t even have to understand what it means, it is the energy of it that connects with you. When I first heard the OM Tryambakam Mantra I had no idea what it meant but something happened inside of me.

Your mantra may even be a prayer, or a sentence or a positive affirmation.

Even just listening is beneficial- you will receive the benefit of the vibration, so no need to even really know how to pronounce anything. Unless you want to!

Day 27 Coaching Journal Questions:

-What is your attitude about the idea of listening to or repeating mantra?

-If this is something you already love, when was the last time you used a mantra, or participated in engaging with one? What is your favorite?

Day 27 Challenge:

-Take a listen with your eyes closed somewhere to the Om Tryambakam Mantra- I have included the link to a short version found on the Insight Timer. Feel what you feel and write about it in your journal.


-Listen to another mantra, prayer, or something that uplifts your thoughts, well being and raises your vibe.

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