Welcome to Day 28!

No matter what kind of challenge you are doing, goals you set or any intentions you have, when you are coming down to your deadline or finish line, you have to the opportunity to finish strong.

Regardless of how you have done leading up to the last few days, you have the opportunity to kick it into gear and make a leap. You may not be 100% complete, but that burst of energy and strong mindset will get you far, and you will be able to carry that momentum into what comes next.

Don’t just finish a challenge and let it be done and set aside. Start to think what the challenge is a bridge to.

Finishing strong is a VERY high vibe thing to do.

It won’t be possible to do, however, if you are busy beating yourself up for what you haven’t done already. It won’t be possible to finish strong if you are being unreasonable with yourself.

One thing I have struggled with this month is getting my timing right. Somedays I have too much on my plate and my timing is off. Somedays I don’t have much on my plate, but lots of goals and initiatives, and my timing is off and I feel like I wasted time.

Right now I have the opportunity to work with these last few days to get my timing right- using everything that I have learned this month, everything that has worked and everything that hasn’t worked. That is the real win- to learn and then apply it.

When I get my timing right these last few days, I feel like I have always done it, as I glide into June, I feel accomplishment- I am already speaking it like it is real, I can already feel how it will feel, and I can imagine it fully.

Day 28 Coaching Journal Questions:

What is your one thing you could focus on in these last few days of the challenge that will make you feel accomplished? How will you do it? Is it realistic?

But only if you really want to. Because if you don’t you won’t. Write down why it is important and read that every morning.

Day 28 Challenge:

Show at least one supportive person your plan. (above)  Along with your self accountability, let them hold you accountable, too.

Extra credit: If you are in the Facebook group, write a post sharing what finishing this challenge strong will look like for you.  It is a challenge because you may start to compare and judge yourself. Remember, that is a huge learning you can get from this challenge, to get past that.

We only have a few days left in this month, this is the time to turn it on and let your high vibes go into high gear! Make it happen!