Welcome to Day 29!

One of the things I have been studying all month long as part of my high vibe challenge is high vibe beauty. It actually encompasses a lot of what I have shared with you over the past few weeks.

My main guide for this has been the book High Vibrational Beauty – Recipes and Rituals for Radical Self Care by Pamer and Morisse, Founders of CAP Beauty in NYC. (I have been there- it is a great little boutique in the West Village) They include so many components to high vibe beauty in this book and it is divided by seasons- something I am very interested in.

They talk about mindset, environment, food, people, pets, the energetics of money, crystals for balancing, breath work- Kundalini in the Spring season, spirit, massage, supplements creating your own rituals, movement, skin, baths,and many self care tools- dry body brushing!- to create your own routine. And more.

I hope that as you have ventured through this challenge you have noticed many things that you already do well to create a high vibe. What makes you feel beautiful? Maybe you have found something you would like to expand on. Maybe you have stumbled upon something completely new to dig into.

As I have said before, it is really about picking the one or two things to really be consistent with- develop those things and when you are ready add something else in. Consistent is the key word!

What I have learned most from this study is that the real glow of beauty comes from the inside out and what we do on the outside puts on the final sparkle.

It comes down to one main question for me, as the foundation- What are you feeding yourself? In every way what are you feeding yourself? Because what you consume shows up on the outside and it will either be beautiful or it will not be.

Start with the beliefs you are feeding yourself. If I believe I am not beautiful, I won’t be. I find that when I do certain things I feel more beautiful. Affirmations are big for me here, as is gratitude.

What else are you feeding yourself?



-radio, music and podcasts

-opinions of others

-old stories

These can all enhance your high vibe beauty or not. It all depends up the quality of what you are feeding yourself.

This really feels like the perfect time to questions everything- to GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to revamp, revision, reimagine, reconstruct, release- and these “re” words- there has never been a better time.

That whole idea is beautiful and exciting to me! If it is for you, too, I guarantee it will show up on your face and in your energy!

Day 29 Coaching Journal Questions:

-In all ways, what are you feeding yourself?  Write down categories and make lists.

-What is really holding you back from just breaking out and choosing your “re” word and going for it? What “re” word would you choose?

-How could you do more of what makes you feel beautiful?

Day 29 Challenge:

Just know that simply answering the questions above is beneficial, and I recognize it could be a challenge in itself.

-If you have chosen your “re” word and you are ready to move forward- and the fire in your belly will tell you when you are ready- write the word on the top of a piece of paper like this:

2020 Re-Imagined

Then list your top 20 for the rest of 2020- the top 20 things you want to accomplish this year- big or small. Make sure that at least one thing is about your inner/outer beauty.


Write out a strategy for what it means to apply your word- what does it mean, what would change, how can you apply it? – and take just one step forward with it this week. What are your new goals, how does everything change because everything has changed?

Take stock of your resources again, refer back to what is good about you, bolster yourself up.

I just reimagine my top 20 for 20, which I wrote on December 31- of the 20 original only 3 are still even logistically possible. So I have almost an entirely different focus now than I did then. That was an eye opener.

I like this 20 for 20 because it helps me to stay focused on my very top goals when I do my planning each month. Even if it is just a small increment, I am intentional to keep things moving forward.

That is a beautiful thing!