Okay– you’ve made it through 4 months of 2023! ┬áMay and spring are here! I am proposing that you set yourself up on a challenge or maybe even two, to start the new month!

What will your challenge be?

Do something differently than you usually do.

Do something you have never done before.

Do something that you think is hard.

Do the 12 Hour Walk (Google it)

Do something that has been on your list for a LONG time.

Just a few ideas to get you started. Make a list pf all of the possibilities and then choose. Are you in?

I’d love to hear your choice(s), so please comment below or email me! In my newsletter this week I am sharing more thoughts and resources for you- and another challenge with a prize for someone, maybe you?

I hope you are in because taking on and attempting challenging things has so many benefits- like you feeling even better about yourself and your ability to do things! You might surprise yourself!