Back in 2020 I was working with a great client who was all about taking her life and business to the next level. Out of that session the 30 Days of You Intensive (Hers was called the 30 Days of ___________-her name.) was born! I created a course that many have now taken and it continues to make an impact.

The idea is that you take 30 days to really work through personal development topics that will spark some life, new ideas and inspiration. The next time it is offered is May 1- 30 days of a quick video and a great worksheet delivered to you via email early each morning. And I am offering it for a very low price so that hopefully many people will access it. It’s my birthday on 5/6 so I decided to offer it at $56. (Go to the homepage at for all of the details.) This is a very approachable way to begin some personal development.

Though it is really difficult for me to choose favorites over the 30 days i am going to share just a few of them, briefly in this post. In the course I go into much more detail and the worksheet offers you more questions to ask yourself.

Here’s one- Ugraded Version. A great question here is- what would the upgraded version of you look like? Not just visually, but what would be going on in all of the areas of your life? Think health, financial, business/career, mental/intellectual, social, family, travel, community, spiritual…..

Be ideal-  Think about where you might be downsizing or diminishing your dreams, not asking for what you really want or settling for less that what is available?

Flourishing-  It is about being your best self- from the inside- how you feel- joyful, life is meaningful to you, you are contributing- everything clicks together when you are flourishing. This calls for a good look around your inner environment (your brain and thinking and emotions) and the outer as well. What is happening around you will have an effect on your level of flourishing. While we can control everything start with this: declutter and beautify every space you spend time in. It can be very simple, but it may take work. Your home, your office, your car…..

I invite your to join in to go in depth in a manageable way. To learn more about yourself, or relearn what you have forgotten.

If you’re not joining in, pick one of the three I have mentioned here, or maybe another I mention in this week’s newsletter to focus on for the next 30 days. Set your goal- where are you now? Where would you like to go? Find some accountability and execute! And have fun!