There is nothing like a good old fashioned crisis to show you what you are made of!  This is the time you quickly realize whether or not you have put a good self care plan into place.  It will determine your level of calm, peace and clarity.  It will determine how successfully you come through the challenge.  We all hope to never have to test it, but the time comes for all of us and boy is it great when you have done your work and you are ready.

My self care regime is solid.  I have been at it for years and in good times, it is now fairly easy for me to maintain on a day to day basis.

My routine is-

Daily, first thing, prayer and meditation time.

Daily exercise of some heart pumping type- between 30 and 60 minutes.

Yoga minimum of 3 times and up to daily depending upon the week.

Eating what is good for me in moderation. Not eating too much at night, and minimizing sugar. (good bakeries are my downfall)

I take journaling, planning and gratitude time several times a week.  I get a massage every once and a while and I do lots of on purpose breathing.

I love to read, so I take time for that on a daily basis.

Lately I have made it a goal and a point to add a solid nightly sleep to the list.  At least 7 1/2 hours.  I am being good about ending my day with reading (about 2 sentences is all I get!) and not devices, once I learned that the back lighting does not promote a good sleep.  I have also been learning from many experts that they are suggesting that before even nutrition and exercise, a great sleep is the number one pre-requisite to good health.

Like I said, this is all well and good when things are good.  No matter what, having these actions present in my life leading into a crisis will certainly help me more than if I had not been doing them, but here’s the hard part- continuing them throughout the crisis.  It takes a huge will, and even force to keep those things which serve you so well in motion.  Here’s the thing- if you were already doing them, and have a habit, you can keep it going.  Starting things in the midst of crisis can happen, but is not likely.

I hope you are not in crisis now, if you are- reach out and get support.  If you are not- decide now what habits you want to have in place to support you on a daily basis and that will help you to be strong should you have a challenge occur in your life.  Start carving the time now.  It is possible.  I remember for years I had a goal to do yoga once a week and there was “never time”.  I certainly have no more time now than I ever have, but I have woven yoga and many other great practices into my life in a way that works beautifully.

And please feel free to reach out to me if you would like help in devising the best plan for you- it’s what I do!  Most of all have fun with it and enjoy the rewards.