What does it mean to be adventurous? You know, I love to look at definitions- and this is no exception! I am especially excited because the meaning contains a word I love- willing.

From vocabulary.com: “Being adventurous means you’re willing to go where you haven’t been before to do things you’ve never done, even if you don’t know how it’s going to turn out.”   

From the dictionary: “willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences.”

The willingness to not know, to be in wonder. To be open minded to experiment with something different. I especially love that the definition branches out to ideas and methods and experiences- even trying out a new morning routine can be adventurous.

Each week is like a new adventure to me as I seek to be adventurous. I always want to weave in something that feels a little risky to me- now mind you, my idea of risk and yours might be completely different. I love public speaking, but I am not going to go bungee jumping any time soon. Things where my physical self might be at risk is where I draw the line!

You can be an adventurous person if you take the time to plan it, though some adventurousness is spontaneous. Every Sunday when I plan my week I consult my list of possibilities I wrote for the month and I choose something. It will depend upon how much open time I have in any given week what gets in the schedule. And when I am planning at the first of the month, many of my adventurous endeavors are scheduled in at that point. I also block off free, open days so that I get to decide what I would like to do most when the time comes.

You might be an adventurous person if you consistently take on self-imposed challenges, you get out of your comfort zone, you are curious and ask questions, you experiment with new ways of doing things and love to reinvent, you test yourself physically, you travel and explore new things and places- these are just a few examples of adventurous behavior.

There are many weeks still left this month- what small adventure are you willing to take? When will you do it and with whom?

PS- I do many adventures alone or with my doggie.