I love looking up definitions of words, especially of words I think I know the definition to. Sometimes I am surprised- like today. According to the definition from Oxford Languages an adventure is an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous experience or activity. Hazardous!? 

I must use the word adventure pretty loosely, then! I am not one to engage in hazardous things, but things beyond my comfort zone are definitely adventures for me.

This month I have named Adventure Month. I have a big adventure coming up, which I will share about later this month. But I have lots of little adventures and even medium sized adventures all of the time.

I am compelled to explore and encourage adventures this month to share how they positively impact me in my life and to inspire you to plan a few adventures of your own.

Whether going on a big trip to an unfamiliar place far, far away or putting my dog into the car, driving somewhere, enjoying good food and a walk or taking a road trip for a day, all of those are adventures to me. Calling it an adventure just makes it seem like even more fun! They are all different degrees- if it makes me call on my courage, it is the biggest adventure.

Adventures are personal- what I consider an adventure may not be your idea of adventure. Which leave you to decide for yourself, what is adventure?

This week, think about what an adventure is to you. Write it down. What is your favorite adventure so far? What adventure have you always dreamed of? What mini adventure will you go on in the next week?