One of the things that threatens to get me about going on adventures is nerves. If it is something I have done before, I am fine. If it is something new, especially if it is far away, my nerves are real!

A few years ago I had to drive our son to a basketball tournament in Lancaster, PA. I was so anxious- it was a 9 hour drive and the longest drive I had ever done was 5 hours. That was the time I took myself on retreat to Maine in 2020. That time I drove from where we were- which was green on the map- to a place in Maine which was also green. Green to green. But I had to drive through red areas along the way. I did not stop once for fear of what would happen if I stopped in red- would I have to quarantine if I did? The answer at the time, if you were being honest, was yes.

It seems ridiculous now, but that was how it was. Once I had driven 5 hours away, by myself, I felt confident in that drive. Once I did the 9 hour Pennsylvania drive, and then another that took us over 10, 5 seemed super easy to do. This year I have driven to NYC- straight into the heart of the city I love so much- I was really nervous. It was a bit harrowing on the way out, but I did it. I have driven to Boston twice in the last 6 months- seems easy now, even though Boston is one of the trickier cities to drive in.

One of the best things about putting yourself in the place of discomfort is how good you get to feel about yourself after you do whatever it is. And the stretching of yourself now opens up more of your life to you. More is possible. I definitely feel I have more freedom in my life.

I am going on a big trip soon. Obstacles have come up this week- unforeseen. I talked about some of this in my latest video- I have gotten better at telling myself to “wait and see.” I have wasted a lot of time and energy in the past worrying about things that might happen. That usually don’t happen. Also, things don’t always go the way we planned them to go- but that doesn’t mean that can’t still be great- or even better than expected. Being open, being in wonder, letting things unfold are great mindsets to cultivate.

What else can you do to ease nerves about traveling? Here are some of my ideas- I use these and I still feel some anxiety until I am seated on the plane or train I am getting on. So just know that having acceptance for having some nerves will support you much better than being upset about it.

– Get ready ahead of time, packing and preparing early gives you the space to breath and relax about being ready.

-Enlist help. Having a travel buddy can really make things so much better. I love doing things by myself (more on that next week), but bigger adventures, at least for me, require a partner to navigate logistics with.

-Give yourself plenty of time. I get to the airport WAY earlier than probably necessary. Time to go to the bathroom, get water and snacks.

-Have snacks- I know I already said snacks- but once you have been stuck on a plane for a great length of time, you know how important having a snack on hand is. PLUS- for those who have flown lately- have you notices the size of the snacks you get now- if any??

-Get a good night’s sleep the night before you go on your travel adventure. Being rested will help you to take things in stride at a much higher level!

-Have a “I’m playing a game” mindset. Look at obstacles as part of the adventure and look to see the best of you rise to the occasion.