How do you feel about adventuring by yourself? I always love talking to people about their loves and talk about travel is filled with preferences.

There can be things to be learned while traveling with a group- teamwork, connection, opening your mind to the ideas of others, co-existing, being flexible and more. Traveling with a group allows you to relax and let someone else lead the way. You might also have experiences you could not have arranged on your own.

Traveling solo is a whole different game. Being on my own can be nerve wracking for me until I get settled in somewhere, but I have grown to love some things about being by myself. I get to set my own agenda. I can most as fast or as slow as I want to. I can switch gears, change my mind.

I loved visiting Paris with my son last year! We are really in sync and enjoyed all of the things we did together. AND the next time I visit Paris by myself, I can imagine sitting in front of a favorite painting at the Louvre, spending time writing in a cafe and going to the Dior Museum to name a few things that I would do differently alone. Having traveled there with him first, learning our way around, has given me the confidence to think about going back to explore on my own.

Adventuring solo can also mean doing any kind of activity by yourself- restaurants, road trips to see something, really anything you do by yourself. It is not just traveling, 

If you always travel with people, or try new things with others, maybe challenge yourself to go solo this week. Plan a trip by yourself.

If you always go it alone, experience what it is like to be with a group. 

Either way, I encourage you to write (by hand with paper) about your adventures of all sizes. Upon reflection you can learn more about yourself and get more and more clear about what you enjoy, like and want to do more of and what you want to avoid.

No matter what, enjoy some new adventures soon and plan some for later, too! No matter what, having something to look forward to is very good and healthy for you mind, body and soul.