Just like that– we are half way through this year- 2024 is going by in a flash. I just returned from my epic trip to Switzerland and Paris. Whenever I think about 2024 I will think of it in two parts- pre-trip and post-trip. I am getting better, but I am a pretty nervous traveler, so I spent a lot of time thinking about and preparing for my trip.

Now that I am back, as of yesterday, I feel like I can take a deep breath and feel the space left by have been on the trip and now free and clear to use that thinking space for other things. Or just having space.

Just like you, I am doing my mid year review this week and thinking about what I want most from the rest of the year. I want to share some questions to ask yourself and to write the answers to (by hand) to guide you through making the most of the rest of 2024 for yourself, as well.

One thing that is really nice to do is to go somewhere beautiful or that energizes you to do your mid year review. It could even be a short day trip or an overnight. It could be a morning of coffee shops, or a part, or an Inn or hotel lobby. Find a place where you feel inspired to do this review and reflection time.

A big rule here is not to judge or compare yourself or to beat yourself up. Be kind to yourself. Check whether you are writing things that you think you should do, or must do- check that your heart is really in it and that it is meaningful to you.

Okay here are the questions, feel free to add your own, as well!

Mid-year review questions:

Looking at the goals I have set for the year-

What have I accomplished? Parts, pieces and completed.

What is still important? What is important about it?

What is no longer important that I can let go of?

What has come up since I last wrote my goals that I would like to add now, at mid year?


What am I most proud of?

When have I been brave?

Where have I used my best strengths?

When did I miss the opportunity to be brave and/or use my strengths? What might I do differently the next time?

What are one or two specific things (big or small) I would like to focus on in the areas of my life:

 -spiritual -mental/intellectual -health -social -family -community -business/career -financial

-What have I done so far this year that I have never done before? What have I tried that was new to me?

What new things would I like to try or do in the next six months? (plan it now)

What habit(s) would I like to begin to grow? Who can help me?

What negative habit(s) would I like to let go of? Who can help me?

How will I create more beauty in my life?

-What physical things will I get rid of, clean out, give away? What areas of my home or office am I willing to clean out? When?

What books have I read this year? What books will I read in the next six months?

What road trips and day trips will I take?

How will I care for myself more and take even better care of myself?

What have I done well so far this year in the way of taking care of myself?

-What inspires me? How can I make sure to get more of that in my life?

What would be exciting to me? What steps will I take toward it beginning now?

What powerful mindset about myself will I develop?

What is my mantra or positive affirmation or statement that will keep me on track?

I hope you will really take some time with these. Get a goal book or journal really settle in with some good snacks and your favorite drink.  (or several over the course of the time you are investing!) Write, breathe, take your time. Set yourself up for comfort and positivity. Doing this time of planning, reflection and review is truly a gift you give to yourself. I hope you will enjoy the process and revisit at least a version of it each month. Each week, look at what you’ve written down to make sure that what you are planning and taking action on is moving you closer to these goals.