Beauty. Beauty is something we can give to ourselves no matter what. Beauty starts in your mind, and that is usually something we have control of, when there is little else within our control.

How you see something, what it means to you- there is an automatic component to this and then there is space to create what you want. To see the beauty in something on purpose.

Many times we miss the beauty in our lives each day. We become accustomed to what we are surrounded with. It all might start to blend in. Do you notice this in your own life? As with most things, slowing down is the key to recognizing, reveling in and celebrating the beauty in your life.

On purpose, walk around the place that you life. What is beautiful in this space?- it may be an item, the floor, a memory. It may be many things, it may be one. Appreciate the thing. What is beautiful about it to you? (it only matters that you think it is beautiful and you do not need to defend or share your feelings about it.)

Love is beauty, patterns and designs are beautiful, nature has a trillion different beautiful aspects- how many can you notice in this day, on purpose? (my use of trillion is totally arbitrary and bears no scientific foundation!)

Animals are beautiful- look for what is beautiful in an animal- on purpose- name it. Find beauty in people who you cross paths with or who come to mind. Even if it is challenging, try. Every person at their core has some beauty, even if it is hard to see.

There is so much beauty within you- have you taken the time to notice it? Appreciate it? Write it down, even? This is actually a pre-curser to finding the beauty in others- if you can not find it within yourself, you will be challenged to find it in others.

No, this is not easy work. This is evolved work. You have every right to be against seeing beauty, celebrating it. There are a million reasons to notice the lack of beauty in the world. You can notice both, just let the tipping point be toward beauty. If you don’t, you’ll find your own beauty being chipped away at. Your vitality, your spark, your energy stolen away. Or given away, really, because no matter how hard it is, you have a choice.

Get hope, get help, surround yourself with some others in search of beauty on purpose. Find something to celebrate about you, then others, then in the world. Do your best with life. Even when it is hard. Lean on good habits, or create new ones- like stirring up more beauty in your life. It is not a destination, so celebrate all along the way.