In my coaching practice I use this great app called the CLI Values Cards (by Coaching and Leadership International)- my initial use was with the actual, real life cards and then moved to the app. My clients and I pick out a “random” word that comes into our session many times. Recognition is one of the words that seems to come up often and the many angles of it have got me thinking today.

The definition of recognition from the dictionary mentions recognizing someone or something from previous encounters or having knowledge of, acknowledging something’s existence, validity. I will also add- being recognized for who you are and/or what you do whether in the form of an award, or a kind word from someone.

Many times the message behind recognition coming into a session turns out to be about recognizing yourself. Or my client’s self, in this case, but I want you today to think about recognizing yourself.

This is something we can always choose to do. It is powerful, positive and amazing- and we do too little of it. In general, we are really good at spotting our faults, imperfections and mistakes. We recognize these in a heartbeat. Positive recognition of yourself is what I am advocating for today.

I am going to ask you to get pen and paper and put yourself in as uplifting environment as you can get to. For many of you, that will be out in nature. It could be a coffee shop or a co-working space where the vibe is of creating and thinking.

Your homework is to make a long list of the things you can recognize yourself for- and include the things that others are recognizing in you. Own them if you can, but include them even if you are not quite there.

What have you done, are you doing to improve yourself, the world, how does someone’s life become better because you crossed their path? What have you accomplished- big or little? What have you done that was hard? What have you done that was easy for you? What do you like about yourself? If you were your best friend, what would you recognize about yourself? Where are you disciplined? Where have you followed through?

Get creative in thinking about how you can recognize yourself. And then make a plan to celebrate those things. Privately or with a good friend, your therapist, coach or anyone who supports you unconditionally. How might you celebrate?

Lately, I have been recognizing how much my discipline helps me. When I say I am going to do something, I do it. Even without accountability. I recognize that I have learned to trust myself and that I know what is best for me. Though I love to bounce some things off my most trusted friends, I know what is best for me. those are just a couple of the things I am recognizing myself for- those and the work I have done to get to the place where they are true.

Enjoy the process, take your time. You may even revisit. You will have some thoughts and then you may just sit. And then suddenly you will have another stream of recognition.

Creating this great foundation by doing this work will have you starting to recognize yourself often, just in the course of your life. It will also allow you to start having an expanded ability to recognize others and share what you are seeing.

I recognize you right now for being the kind of person who reads to the end of a blog post about recognition in pursuit of continuing your personal development. 🙂