Starting out with a definition of magic that I am liking right at this moment in time, in the year.

“A quality that makes something seem removed from everyday life, especially in a way that gives delight.”

Delight! Grab ahold of that word!

What delights you?

So many things coming to mind and it comes down to a word- noticing. We all have magical moments happening in our lives, all around us. Are you noticing the magic in your life?

“The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” W.B. Yeats

How do you get your senses to grow sharper? You become on purpose, intentional about looking for the magic that surrounds you. You put your antenna up, so to speak!

You can also create magic in your life, for yourself and for others.

Beauty, sparkle, kindnesses, interventions, helpfulness, nature, solving a puzzle, spiritual connection- all these and more can inspire awe, wonder and a feeling of magic. What else?

What is already magical in your life, around you, in your space, people? Take a good inventory.

Where could you go to cultivate that feeling of magic within?

Your homework this week during what is many times seen as a most magical time of year, is to decide to look for magic on purpose.Notice it around you, in your home, in your spaces.  Look for ways to bring some magic to your life and to someone else- known or unknown, anonymous or not, big or small. Go be magic!

Magic is fun. I just read a post this week by Kayla Barnes on Instagram and the last part of it instructed the reader to just go and have a “silly goose time”! It really struck me as funny- that saying! It made me realize that I want to have more silly goose times in my life! If I am paying attention, I will notice some are right there around me, and if I pay attention I can create the circumstances that these kinds of times come from. That is magic.

Go see the lights and decorations, go walk in the forest, toast something with good friends, take that amazing trip, put yourself where you feel most delighted. Plan it, do it. Plan it today!