As we near closure to 2023, it is a good time to look at your growth this year. What have you learned through challenges- both those you took on for yourself and those that happened unchosen and unannounced. How you handle things, your mindset, your approach will determine the amount of growth you will have.

Growing as a person allows you to continuously expand your ability to enjoy life at higher and higher levels. Willingness is key- willingness to learn, be wrong, look at all sides and more.

Growth does not need to be big and sweeping. I want to talk about the little things that can cause growth starting with your language.

Do you speak what you want to be true on a regular basis, or do you tend to talk more about what is not perfect?  This week I was in a conversation with other coaches and I was challenging them to think about using the word want vs need in some instances- just to experience. Then there is the idea that things are happening for me, not to me. A very powerful mindset shift.

Here’s an example of language controlling your experience. Yesterday, someone said to me “it’s too bad that I have to feel ___________ (fill in the blank, in this case the word was uncomfortable). I will be honest with you, I have a very hard time hearing language like this from someone. This type of statement gives over all control of what you think to outside forces. It makes you a victim to things outside yourself. I agree- it is too bad to feel this way- that part I agree with! And be clear it is a choice to feel that way. And who says you “have to feel” a certain way- only you get to decide that. It was all mindset and with awareness the person could have a whole different experience of this situation and of life as a whole.

This is not judgmental, and so I do not want you to judge yourself- you hold the key. Be willing to be honest- where is their room for growth in what you think, say to yourself and say out loud? Take some time this week and pick one thing you will be aware of and work on switching for something more powerful. You will eventually see the impact this makes on your life and other’s who’s path you cross.