As we build toward Gratitude Challenge Week 2021, I want to give you some more fuel for your considering what you are grateful for in your life.

Last week I wrote a bit about your own body, and having gratitude for it. Next week I will unveil this year’s challenge to you.

This week I want to turn the flashlight on you.

Goodness– Merriam Webster says this- the quality or state of being kind, honest, generous, helpful, etc. The quality or state of being useful or effective. We may think about others a lot in terms of these things, but how often do you consider these things, in a positive way, toward yourself? How often are you recognizing these things in you?

One of my favorite exercises I often use with clients and in my retreats and events is called the
“What’s Good About Me” list.

Consider this a pre-challenge challenge:  Get out a notebook and pen and handwrite all of the things that you appreciate about yourself, all of the things that are good about you. This list is for you and no one else. It could be anything from you like your toes to appreciating a skill or talent that you have- and anywhere in between.

This may be easy for you- in which case making the list will be reinforcement and reminder. A positive affirmation for yourself.

It may also be challenging. The reason I started using this exercise was that many of my clients had a hard time identifying what was good about them. If this is you, then you are in the right place and making this list is EXACTLY what you want to work on.


  1. Work on your list a bit at a time. Don’t put it away, keep adding to it. Once you start it your brain will automatically keep thinking up other things to add to your list. Breathe and just keep adding. Give this to yourself.
  2. Keep the list handy forever! This is such a good list to pull out and review when you are having a down day, or  you are forgetting what is good about you. On those days it is a huge challenge to think of these gratitudes, having the list ready, there is no need to wrack your brain. You have it in writing.
  3. Be brave and bold to name everything- this takes courage. We are not taught to think good things about ourselves. The world and our conditioning teaches us to look for what is wrong. Add this to your list: I am grateful that I am the type of person who will create a list like this!
  4. Set yourself up with some space to yourself- whether a quiet corner or a busy coffee shop. Have a favorite treat. Maybe music you love. Consider doing a short calming meditation prior to starting

Here are some categories that might help to prompt you to come up with items for your list, just to get you started.

Physical attributes.

Ways of Being

Personality traits.

Actions you take or don’t take.

Things you are proud to have accomplished.



Things you do for yourself.

How you impact others.

And you might start many others with “I appreciate that I am the type of person who…….”

This is what expands gratitude for yourself- it is a foundation- which strengthens you from this inside out. When you appreciate yourself fully, you are in a strong place to create feelings of worth, worthiness, contentment,and satisfaction in our life. From this place, anything is possible.



This list should get you started! Enjoy the process. View discomfort as growth and just where you need to be. 

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