We have four bodies, did you know that?





I am not going to go into each in depth, but when I wanted to write about having gratitude for your body, I kept thinking of all of the dimensions. We many times think about our physical self only when we think of our bodies. That one is easy. We also have what are referred to as layers of energy body. We have a thinking self, an emotional self and a spiritual self- regardless of your beliefs, you are made up of all of these parts.

Paying attention to all of them is important. Even more important is to think good thoughts about them. Gratitude.

How often do you:

…think or write down gratitudes you have for your physical body?– maybe it is your height, that you are strong, that your body has gotten you through life to this point, that you appreciate some body part, have gratitude for the cells and organs in your body and think of them, on purpose, with gratitude? These are just a few examples- what are you grateful for about your physical body? It is so easy to think about all of the things we are not satisfied with. Start to spend more time in consistent good thoughts about your body and you will start to feel differently.

…think with gratitude about your mental self?– the way you think, strategize, some habit you have, learning, knowledge you have, mindset and more are all areas of consideration when it comes to gratitude here.

…think with gratitude about your emotional body– that emotional part of yourself that feels things, rejoices, feels anger, sadness, frustration, joy, happiness- and how ofter are you grateful for the range of your emotions- regardless of labeling them “good” or “bad?

…think about gratitude for the spirit within you. That which keeps you going when you don’t think you can, that which brings joy to others, that which connects you to something bigger than yourself. When I am out in nature I feel this connection the strongest and during my prayer time. When do you feel it?

So your first gratitude mission of the month is to take some time with pen and paper and write about your gratitude for your body in these four areas.If you are traditionally negative about your body, this will be a good challenge. Learn something about yourself in the process and determine to continue let the gratitude flow!

Secondly, to prepare for my gratitude challenge the week of Thanksgiving in the US, begin to write three things you are grateful for in a notebook right before you go to sleep.

If you already have a daily gratitude practice, how can you expand it this month? Start today.